STEM Doctoral Graduates and Inventive Activities in Four European Countries (DOC-TRACK), 2022-2025

European Patent Office, Academic Research Program 2021

Joint project between BSE, IPP-CSIC, University of Kassel and University of Utrecht. Coordinated by Catalina Martínez, IPP-CSIC.


→ Projects of the EPO ARP 2021 call

Finding Viable Pathways for Forest Carbon Offsetting in Europe (FOREWAY), 2022-2025

Plan Estatal de I+D Proyectos de Generación de Conocimiento (Reference PID2021-125340OA-I00)
PI: P. Ovando (IPP-CSIC, Spain), F. Cohen (UB, Spain), R, Hewitt (UCM, Spain), O. Hakan Can (UB), A. Gimona, M. Castellazzi (Hutton, UK), J. Vergunts, J. Koronka (U. Aberdeen, UK).

Disrupting depopulation: Additive Manufacturing as a technological disruption to fight against rural depopulation and social and spatial inequalities, 2022-2024

Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation (MCIN/AEI & NextGenerationEU/ PRTR). Reference: PLEC2021-007750

Project coordinator: Iñaki García (CSIC National Center for Metallurgical Research, CENIM), PI at IPP-CSIC: Adelheid Holl.

Understanding business preferences for forest carbon offsets (FORCARBON), 2022-2024

Proyectos de Transición Ecológica y Transición Digital 2021 (Reference: TED2021-130910A-I00)
PI: Paola Ovando (IPP-CSIC) (with. J.L. Oviedo, P. Campos)

Markets, Innovation and Environment – Mercados, Innovación, Medio Ambiente (MIMA-CM), 2020-2022

Comunidad de Madrid, Programas de Actividades de I+D entre Grupos de Investigación en Ciencias Sociales y Humanidades (H2019/HUM-5859).

Project coordinator: Catalina Martinez.

Investigating GRant AllocatioN Disparities from a gender perspective (GRANTeD), 2019-2022

European Commission, EU H2020 SWAFS (Grant Agreement No. 824574)
Coordinated by JOANNEUM RESEARCH (JR), Austria.
PI at CSIC Laura Cruz Castro (CSIC-IPP)

Non-Practicing Entities et innovation en Europe (NPEIE), 2018-2020

French National Research Agency (ANR)

Project coordinator: Valerio Sterzi.

Migrant hautement qualifiés et flux internationaux de talents, connaissances et capitaux (TKC), 2018-2020

(Highly Skilled Migration and International Flows of Talent, Knowledge, and Capital)

French National Research Agency (ANR)
Project Coordinator: Ernest Miguelez

R&D Organizations’ responses to crisis: research institutions, universities and firms (ROCs), 2017-2020

Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad, Plan Nacional de I+D, España (CSO2016-79045-C2-1-R), Luis Sanz-Menéndez and Catalina Martínez principal investigators.